Bachelor thesis, study participation inquiry.

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Bachelor thesis, study participation inquiry.

Sebastian Skytt
Hello, we are two student performing a study regarding trust and its
effects in virtual Open Source projects. as a part of our bachelor thesis.

We will either perform interviews or a supply a questionnaire, this message
serves to measure interest in participation in either type.

1. Would you, or any of the participants in the project be willing to
participate in an interview?
The interview will be approximately one hour long and will be scheduled at
your convenience. It will either be through some type of text-based chat,
or a skypecall, which ever you prefer. The language of the interview will
be in English.

2. Would you, or any of the members of the project be willing to
participate in a survey/questionnaire?
The questionnaire will consist of open-ended questions about the structure
of your project, the communication and relationships between developers to
highlight the potential effects of trust within the project.

Both the questionnaire and the interview will be completely anonymous in
the final study, individual name, alias and project name will all be
obscured to ensure anonymity.

Please forward this message through the project mailing-list.
If you would like to help us by participating, please reply or contact us
here: [hidden email]
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