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Just FYI -- 
Roberto José de AmorimMSc in Computer Science
Columbia University - New York

      De: Nick <[hidden email]>
 Para: [hidden email]
 Enviadas: Terça-feira, 1 de Agosto de 2017 17:19
 Assunto: LAME Security Bugs Published
Hi Roberto,

Sorry to bother you directly like this, especially as you're the webmaster but may not be an actual LAME developer - but you're the only project member who publishes an email address on the website.

On 26th.July.2017 a (Chinese?) security researcher has published on the Full Disclosure security mailing list details of 3 bugs he discovered in LAME that appear to be no worse than denial-of-service (crash):

The bugs all have CVEs and appear to involve improper handling of malformed .wav files.  The researcher gives no indication that he has contacted the LAME project about the problem.

I just wanted to make sure you folks know about this - please make sure the right people at your end are aware.

Never FDISK after midnight.

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