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Re: Lame MP3 Encoder in MATROSKA multimedia

Alexander Leidinger
Quoting vdmzzz <[hidden email]> (from Mon, 02 Sep 2013  
03:17:45 -0700):

Hi, I CC the lame-dev mailinglist, it's the best place to ask such  
questions. Full-quote for the benefit of the list-readers.

> Hi Alex, sorry for disturbing.
> I\'m using Lame MP3 encoder for the audio compression in the
> MATROSKA container.
> Can\'t find the function in the lame mp3 encoder library such
> as in
> vorbis audio encoder
> (
> to get
> the timecode of compressed sample.
> Does lame mp3 encoder has such one?

As far as I know we don't have such a function.

> Otherwise which timecode i should set for every compressed
> audio sample?

That's outside my knowledge area, I let someone on the list answer this.

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