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Re: Lame adding silence to the beginning of the mp3

Robert Hegemann
Hello  Milivoj,

your decoder will have to read the data from the LAME header, so it knows
how many samples it has to crop from the beginning and end of the decoded
stream. MP3 streams are build of a series of frames, each frame  
a fixed amount of PCM samples when decoded. Without trimming, you'll
always have extra samples at start and end.

So, take care not to remove the LAME header from your mp3s and use a
sample accurate decoder.

Ciao Robert

Am 04.04.2014, 07:27 Uhr, schrieb <[hidden email]>:

> REPLY at
> hi!
> sorry to bother you with this, can you help me pleeeeease :)
> when i use lame to encode from wav to mp3 it adds silence to the  
> beginning of the song. How can i remove this option from Lame because it  
> breaks the >metronome sync when it adds to the mp3. I will forward your  
> reply to my developers so feel free to be as tehnical as you want :)
> thank you so much in advance,
> your's
> Milivoj Popovic
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