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Re: Project LAME 3.97 all versions source code.

Rogério Brito

Please, for generic questions regarding LAME, it is better to send messages
to the mailing list, as more people read it than just one member.

On Feb 15 2017, Marcelo Diaz wrote:
> I would like to download all versions LAME 3.97 alpha, beta and release. To
> make a comparison of the code changed, for a multi-tasking version I found
> online, a DOC word file and powerpoint PPT but there is no source code and
> executables.
> Http://

I think that your request may be best fulfilled via an unofficial git
repository that I (manually) maintain at:

You can see there not only changes between the releases that you want, but
*all* changes that LAME has ever had.

> I am looking for the Original and Modified code. Or by default the original
> and see the reference of the Word document.

I think that no project member is involved with that multithreading version
of LAME, but I'm not really sure.

OTOH, we (or at least, I) would really like to see the code contributed to
LAME, since that would mean that the code could be stored at a place where
it has a lower potential of getting lost and more people would be likely to
improve it, port it forward, clean it up etc.

> In the following pages there is no described version of the project,
> especially alpha versions.
> The LAME Project:
> SourceForge.Net:
> I was told to download them from but the web does not
> exist, it is for sale the domain.

I think that Roberto is just busy.

> It is possible if you have them send me to my mail, or a download link.

There you have it.

> Thank you, thank you very much.

You're welcome. And it would be even better to have your contributions back,
especially with nice documentation.


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