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Alexander Leidinger
On Sun, 22 Jun 2014 17:22:14 +0800
Jake Sebastian-Jones <[hidden email]> wrote:

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> Hi Alex,
> Sorry to bother you, I'm trying to find out where I can ask questions
> about the LAME source. You looked like you could answer my question.

[hidden email] would be the best place, as there are more people

> I have downloaded and built LAME, and linked the resultant
> against a trivial test harness.
> I wanted to hack around with the lame source so I tried printing Hello
> World at the start of lame_init() in lame.c.  After rebuilding the so
> and my harness there was no difference.
> I then tried just returning NULL from lame_init.. again nothing was
> changed. Dereferencing NULL at the start also didn't break anything.
> So how is LAME managing to build a working lib when I try to break
> lame_init like that?

You may build it, but are you sure you are also using what you have

If you are on a unix-like OS type "ldd ./your/compiled/test/program" to
see which library it uses. It may use the shared library which is
installed in the system instead the one you have build.

> nb. syntax errors cause the build to fail so I'm definitely modifying
> the correct files (I guess)
> Thanks so much / sorry to bother you.
> Jake


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