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Re: configure does not correctly identify some items

I'm replying to my own post, which was:

>I have already worked around this problem by editing config.h after
running configure, so the purpose of this note is informational only
(can't fix it if you don't know about it).
>I am building the lame-3.99.5 version of libmp3lame-0.dll for the purpose
of including it in the latest FFmpeg build (upgrading both from older
versions).  I am using a MinGW >environment on Windows 7.  After running
configure, the build failed for the following reasons:
>       - bad typedefs for signed/unsigned 32/64 bit integers (e.g.,
>       - did not detect presence of strchr, memcpy, and limits.h
>The build worked after I edited config.h so that it contained the

>       typedef int int32_t;
>       typedef long long int64_t;
>       typedef unsigned int uint32_t;
>       typedef unsigned long long uint64_t;
>       #define HAVE_STRCHR 1
>       #define HAVE_MEMCPY 1
>       #define HAVE_LIMITS_H 1
>I was under the impression that the whole point of using the configure
script was to avoid having to make manual edits like this.  Am I missing
something here?

Running "configure" DID detect everything that was supposed to be
detected.  However, the "" file was extracted from the tar.gz
with CRLF instead of LF (did not realize WinZip would do this ...
grrrrr!).  This caused awk to not match any lines from "", so
no string substitution occurred, and the input file was passed unmodified
to the output file.  A coworker who fell victim to the same thing
recognized this (thanks, Dave R).

Thanks again for listening!

Greg W.

P.S.  I did subscribe to lame-dev this morning, but I guess the
subscription request didn't get processed yet!

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