Rob Guthrie is no longer with Memorex

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Rob Guthrie is no longer with Memorex

Rob Guthrie

I will be out of the office starting  09/21/2007 and will not return until


As of September 21st, 2007 I am no longer with Memorex, I have accepted a
position with another company in Germany.

For all Memorex or Imation business that you would othewrwise have worked
with me on, please work directly with Rick Calderon 562-653-2822
[hidden email] or with Larry Ng 562-653-2852 [hidden email] .

For those of you who would like to stay in contact with me for personal
and/or business reasons, I will send out an email (once I get to Germany)
with all of my new contact info.

For now, the best number to reach me at is my personal cell 949-294-7686
and via my new work web based (for travel/backup communications) email
address [hidden email]

Best regards,


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