Tool to WAV to AHX format (CRI Middleware)

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Tool to WAV to AHX format (CRI Middleware)

Li Shaoran
 To all Mp3 Encoder members,

Mr. Thomas Orgis helped me to make a tool to decode the AHX format into a
wave sound file (WAV). We are requiring a tool to encode WAV or any other
sound format into AHX. I'm attaching to this mail the source code of the
tool (AHX2WAV) and a AHX file with the hope that someone figure out how it
works and you help me to code the new tool.

--> Update: I can't attach files for this mailing list, so please download
it from the following addresses:
First AHX:
Second AHX:

If you have questions, or want to give me an advice, don't doubt in contact

Best regards,

Li Shaoran-kun
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